Chess Club Wageningen
Each Thursday, the Vredehorst (Tarthorst 1, close to Jumbo supermarket) houses Chess Club Wageningen. Using the 64 squares as their battlefield, about 70 adults and 30 juniors fight it out on the chess board. From 20.00 to 24.00 hours, a game is played for the club competition. Each week you will find an opponent of your own strength. In addition it is possible to join the team competition and to follow training sessions. Socialising is an important part of Chess Club Wageningen. At the bar, over a drink, people are having a chat or are analysing their game.

Annual contribution:
– Junior player or student under 21: 50 euro (with Thymos reduction: 34 euro)
– Students older than 21: 90 euro (with Thymos reduction: 67.50 euro)
– Senior member: 110 euro

However, you are allowed to try for free the first three times; feel free to contact:

Marius Bolck: svwageningenintern@gmail.com (registration/info about internal club competition)
Robin van Leerdam: robinvanleerdam@live.nl (general information)